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        Sesja ślubna na Islandii

        Kasia & Jakub

        Sesja ślubna na Islandii. The wedding photoshoot on Iceland that I had the pleasure to do with Kasia, Kuba, and their three-months-old daughter Pola in May this year. I could write for hours about things that happened to us there. The shortest way to describe it would be – four seasons in four days. I dreamed for a long time about going to Iceland. A place, which always shocked me with its rawness and its hard climate, however I was not ready for what I was about to see there.

        As a freshman to this place I had awesome tour guides – Kasia and Kuba, whom I already had the pleasure to meet before their own wedding. Sometimes I felt like a little kid, interested in the world, with a hundred questions about each centimeter of that land and the people living there.

        We went to magnificent places, from waterfalls like Skogafoss, the black beach of Reynisfjara (commonly called “Chines takes away” by the locals, due to all Asians coming too close to the high tide in pursuit of the perfect selfie), and all the way to Jökulsárlón ice lagoon. Kasia and Kuba have been living there for a couple of years now, so I had the opportunity to see a few places, which you will not even find in handbooks. Oh, what a time it was!

        And that weather… The Icelanders say that if one does not like the weather, he or she should wait five minutes. On point. Walking around the mountains or the cliffs, I was met by everything possible – rain, snow, overwhelming wind that would not let you breathe. Then came the sun for a while, and it all started again. So the conditions were very demanding but the three of us with little Pola alongside, put a brave and happy face on this. Anyway, a small dose of it you can see in the pictures below, because, as I said before, I can talk about this wonderful place for hours.

        Sesja ślubna na Islandii

        The credit for the beautiful bouquet goes to Edyta from Natura Art in Rybnik. It has travelled with us for thousands of kilometers, including the flight.

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