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        Sesja ślubna nad morzem

        Plener ślubny na klifie w Orłowie


        Paulina and Piotr’s photoshoot by the sea took place in Gdynia’s district Orłowo. My last adventure by the sea or by the ocean was during a shoot in Iceland, which is available HERE. Now, coming back to Poland – this place is famous for its beautiful beach and an extraordinary cliff, which unfortunately collapsed a bit in February this year but the magic of this place is not only created by the cliff.

        A beautiful beach is here, as well as a pier, which in our opinion is a lot prettier, and most of all it’s more intimate than the one in Sopot. And something else also made a good impression on us, you will see what it was in the last photos. I approached Paulina’s idea for the shoot to take place here with great enthusiasm. Plener ślubny na klifie w Orłowie

        Zdjęcia ślubne nad morzem

        The last time I went to the Baltic Sea was during a summer camp in elementary school twenty years ago, so except for the hordes of windscreens I had no idea how it really looks. We came to a break of weather, and we fit everything so perfectly, that right after we came back to the car, rain started pouring down again. Rain was no obstacle for us, we only feared the masses, so we got up early in the morning (to our misery). Apart from a couple of locals walking their dogs, the rest probably was recovering from last night ;) What more can I say, working with people like Paulina and Piotr is pure pleasure.

        Not only we had great time during this one shoot, we also tracked down tourists together exploring street photography. zdjęcia ślubne nad morzem bałtyckim, świetnie się bawiliśmy, wstaliśmy o 4 więc było pusto, i te pe, i te de. I tak w kółko, muszę w końcu ten tekst uzupełnić. Zdaje się że brakuje jeszcze trzech znaków.

        Sesja nad morzem Bałtyckim

        Sesja nad morzem bałtyckim. Well, not to prolong anymore, I invite you to the material I have prepared for you ;) If you have missed the documentary about Paulina and Piotr’s wedding, go HERE.


        Miejsce: Orłowo

        Suknia: Madonna

        Garnitur: Hugo Boss


        Sesja ślubna nad morzem polskie klify Plener ślubny na klifie w Orłowie sesja nad morzem baltyckim sesja nad polskim morzem molo w gdyni orlowo sesja nad morzem Sesja ślubna nad morzem

        piękna sesja, świetnie wykorzystałeś miejsce. Brawo!

        Dziękuję Michał za miłe słowa! :)

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