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        Szary Residence

        Paulina & Piotr


        Szary Residence

        Szary Residence near Cracow is the place of wedding of Paulina and Piotr. An outdoor wedding, or maybe not, because 5 minutes before the wedding ceremony there was a cloudburst, but let’s start from the beginning. Since the morning there was something in the air, and weather forecast showed some possible storms. Well who will get rain right before the ceremony, right? Until the very last moment the organization tended by Magda of Ceremony Concept were happening lazily, however the closer the zero hour was, the more nervously the couple and the guests were looking at the forecasts. Just before the ceremony a decision was made to transfer the whole thing inside, to a room prepared in case of bad weather, all thanks to Magda and Szary Residence manager.

        While writing this I have just realized, that it’s impossible to tell the story in a few sentences. The story I have prepared will retell that day for you. From sunny weather to pouring rain, which came upon us from time to time, every time we had something planned outside. Paulina, the bride, who you can admire in this shoot, didn’t show even the slightest bit of unhappiness from it all. No! She was absorbing the day with her whole self, living it together with Piotr and the rest of their closest people like there was no tomorrow.

        So, where am I heading?

        No matter what the circumstances are, even if the whole world comes apart and there is an atomic mushroom visible in the background, it is still the perfect day unless the couple focuses on themselves and their closest relatives. There is no rush and nerves that something goes wrong, that one guest is unhappy with the service or the roulade. Every wedding is beautiful, whether it’s in a shed, or at a fire station, for twenty, or two hundred people – it’s not the place that makes the day, it’s the people who are there with the couple. With falls on the dance floor, with a red wine stain on the dress, or with an ambulance coming for the bride (there are different stories, because every wedding is different). Years later, while looking at the photos, the couple will come back to these moments with smiles on their faces.

        Enough with the philosophic talk – I am really impressed with what I have seen at Paulina and Piotr’s wedding. Together with the couple there were 29 guests, because it’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters. And there was me in the middle of it all with my camera, with a smile on my face, having hands full of work.

        I invite you to come and see.


        Wedding Planner: Ceremony Concept

        Venue: Szary Residence near Cracow

        Flowers: Anemony

        Dress: Madonna

        Suit: Hugo Boss

        Cake: Galeria Tortów Artystycznych

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