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        Zamek w Krasiczynie

        Manuela & Adam

        Zamek w Krasiczynie. I had the pleasure to shoot at a wedding at Krasiczyn Castle on a hot July day. How hot it really was I figured out when I was chasing a frame and stood for a moment on a tin roof… I came to this wedding thanks to Manuela and Adam’s trust, and some of you might remember them from our winter photoshoot in the mountains.

        Was totally delighted with their idea to have our first coffee meeting in a mountain hut on a peak. I was also intrigued by the idea for where the reception would be held, and it took place in a spot over 300 kilometers away from their hometown. This place had a great impact on them, so they had dreamed to have their big day organized there. After our meeting, I was sure that their wedding day, even though it would be carefully planned, could still be amazingly natural. I was not wrong at all.

        I remember I only had three hours of sleep but as soon as I got into that photography whirl, I visited practically each corner of that beautiful and majestic castle. The kindness of the couple, their parents and their companions was so present that I could not take my smile off my face. Even in the courtyard, when I was literally melting in the open sun! I came to a conclusion (and I basically do that with every wedding I have), that the place, the weather, the additions, or whatever, everything is not important when focusing on the people I can create a fully happy material.

        I am quite a weak talker, I prefer when my pictures describe how the day looked. So that each would tell its own story but also gave you a reason to think. Thus…

        Enjoy watching!

        Venue: Zamek  Krasiczyn

        Wedding Dress: Made With Love

        Suit: Tiviano Atelier

        Make Up: Marta Kwolek 

        Wedding Photographer: Dobrowolski Weddings

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